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El ROI Procurement  and Consultancy Ltd Performs an intermediary role to facilitate trade directly between buyers and sellers. We specialise in AU, Diamonds and agricultural products. As an intermediary, we do not take principle positions.

EL ROI Procurement and Consultancy Ltd Strategic Sourcing service provides a rigorous, responsible and disciplined process for the commodities which drives cost savings and improves supplier service. The markets from which the commodities are sourced are as follows but not limited to the listed.

Sourcing From

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EL ROI Procurement and Consultancy Ltd has forged very strong and reliable buyer base in the big economic markets in which we supply. The five main markets are listed as follows:

Corporate Shared Values & Social Responsibility

El ROI Procurement and Consultacy Ltd enacts and impacts positive change in the communities it serves. We are helping the communities, our clients and employees in creating a sustainable future , giving back, empowering and developing such communities focusing on their areas of need.

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Planting Trees

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