El Roi Brokers & Consultancy is committed to leadership in responsibility and sustainability.

Our company seeks to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and transparency in all our business undertakings. We provide high quality products and are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, communities and environment.

El Roi Brokers & Consultancy recognizes the importance of the United Nation’s Guiding Principles (UNGP) on Business and Human Rights. El ROI Brokers and Consultancy Ltd similarly acknowledges the Principles contained in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights (UDHR).

Our corporate policies, structures, processes, and all our commercial activities are in tandem with UNGP & UDHR. El ROI Brokers and Consultancy Ltd and all its upstream, midstream and downstream suppliers adhere to strict code of responsible business conduct towards Health, Safety, Human Rights and Environmental impact in Communities where we operate throughout the world

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